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Good to Grow Grants Now Open!


Now is the time to get ready to apply for the Good to Grow Grants. The Cannabis Alliance is here to support you through the process; Listed below are resources to help you.

Grant Workshops: Sierra Business Council is hosting two workshops to answer questions for those considering applying:

In-Office Support: Come to the Cannabis Alliance office and we will walk you through the process of applying for the grant as well as switching your provisional license to an annual license.

  • February office hours are Tues - Thurs, 10am - 4pm at 419 Broad Street, Suite C, Nevada City.

  • Email or call 530-264-7376 to schedule a 30 min slot.

Eligibility Quiz & Application: To start the grant process... CLICK ELIGIBILITY QUIZ LINK!

Alliance Dues: The grants will cover your Cannabis Alliance member dues for the year for the educational services that we provide. Make sure to include this expense in your application. 

Deadline! You must complete your application by February 28th at 11:59 p.m. PST. 

We are here to support you! Reach out to the Cannabis Alliance if you have any questions about the grants or how to switch your provisional license to an annual license. Email at or call 530-264-7376.

Nevada County Cannabis Cultivators Invited to Apply for Good to Grow Grants

Current legal cannabis applicants and those interested in entering the regulated market in Nevada County can apply for financial assistance from the County’s new Good to Grow Grants Program, beginning today through Feb. 28.

“Cannabis is a budding industry in Nevada County, but it can be cost-prohibitive for some to be able to enter the legal market. The grants can help lower cost barriers such as state, county, or fire district permitting fees or hiring engineers and architects for site planning,” said Matt Kelley, Nevada County director of code and compliance. “Our goal is to support the new legal industry in a way that protects the environment and safety of our community."

The County has partnered with the Sierra Business Council to administer and disperse approximately $1.3 million to cannabis applicants and cultivators. Potential applicants can take a short quiz first to see if they qualify before filling out the application.

These grants are the first of their kind for the Nevada County Cannabis Division. The intention is that these grants will help support this new industry. “The cannabis industry is an important piece of the Nevada County economic spectrum, and this grant will help continue the growth and maturity of this industry,” said Economic Resource Council President Gil Matthews.

Diana Gamzon, executive director of the Cannabis Alliance, appreciates the new funding opportunity. "The grant funds will directly support our local cannabis industry by aiding businesses with capital to receive business support, infrastructure improvements, and permitting and regulatory assistance,” she said. “The cannabis sector has a significant role in our local economy, and these funds will promote business growth and employment opportunities while increasing tax revenue.”

Kristin York, vice president of the Sierra Business Council, added that cannabis has long been an important part of Nevada County's economy. “SBC is proud to assist the county in helping these local farmers and small businesses.”

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