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Provisional to Annual State Licenses

How to switch from a State Provisional to Annual Cultivation License

If you still have a state provisional license AND you have an approved Nevada County permit, you can easily switch to receive your ANNUAL state license.

First, locate your site specific CEQA checklist, this document should have been attached to your conditional letter of approval. You can also request the document from the County Planning Department. You will also need to locate your CDFW Lake and Streambed Alteration (LSA) Agreement or proof that an LSA is not required for your project.

Once you have these documents submit a Notice of Science Amendment (Notice) through the Department of Cannabis Control portal. A reference guide on how to submit a science amendment can be viewed at *Note that renewal fees must be paid (within the 60 day renewal period) before you can submit your Scientific Amendment

There is no fee associated with filing an amendment. Once this amendment is processed your provisional license status will switch to annual.

For questions on requirements for provisional license transition, please contact:

  • Environmental Scientist Review Stage :

  • General :

**This will mostly apply to famers that received a state license in 2019 and 2020.

****We are very fortunate in Nevada County that our farmers qualify for annuals.


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