Trailer Bill Update!!!

Why you should care about Governor Brown’s Trailer Bill Our partners at the California Growers Association have come out adamantly opposing the Trailer Bill as written. And for good reason. CGA’s analysis concludes that the trailer bill –while well intended—will create an un-level playing field which will lead to decreased rates of participation and decreased… Continue reading Trailer Bill Update!!!

The Budget Trailer Bill — What does it mean?

Confused about how state government will implement a new regulatory system that will govern the cannabis industry in California? So are we. Fortunately our partners at the California Growers Association have been working diligently with state agencies to bring some light to the issues facing cultivators statewide in the next couple of years. The Brown… Continue reading The Budget Trailer Bill — What does it mean?

Taming THC: Potential Cannabis Synergy

Taming THC: Potential Cannabis Synergy and Phytocannabinoid-Terpenoid Entourage Effects Are you interested in the medical benefits of cannabis? Would you like to cultivate cannabis with the end user in mind? Here is an insightful podcast about the latest research into the interaction between CBD, THC and other cannabinoids and terpenoids by Dr. Ethan Russo during… Continue reading Taming THC: Potential Cannabis Synergy

Nevada County to pick Cannabis Consultant

2.20.17   Nevada County Cannabis Consultant Update Nevada County officials requested proposals from qualified companies in December that would help the county mediate the stakeholder process for a permanent cannabis cultivation ordinance. The consultant’s job is not so much to write the ordinance but to create and implement a process in which the needs and… Continue reading Nevada County to pick Cannabis Consultant

Yes to Dispensaries!

Yes to Dispensaries! A Guide to Defending Responsible Cannabis Businesses   Keeping “drugs” off the streets: Numerous studies have failed to associate changes in the legal status of medical cannabis with any causal upticks in youth use. Medical cannabis dispensaries are not positively associated with an increase in the number of adolescents currently using cannabis,… Continue reading Yes to Dispensaries!

Surveys: This is how we find out how to help you!

The Town of Truckee has launched a survey which will help them prepare for the cannabis ordinance development process. The survey takes two minutes and your input will help to shape public input.

Also, stay tuned for information on upcoming Town-sponsored cannabis workshops to discuss regulations. Workshop dates are Feb 9, Mar 9, April 13 & May 11th.

Get involved. Participate.

Last month at the California Growers Association Envision 2026 Conference, our members shared vision was clear: many independent businesses are better than a few big conglomerates, and respect for our natural environment and our communities, our workers and the consumers we serve must be the foundation of everything we do.

Here are some surveys to determine how to move forward with some of the ideas that came out of the conference:

Barriers to Entry
At the event we spent some time discussing barriers to entry and trying to better understand the challenges you and others are facing as you work to transition into the regulated marketplace. Better understanding of these barriers is required to generate solutions. I put together a quick survey that seeks to get your input on what the biggest hurdles are.

On Friday, February 10th the Cannabis Banking Working Group chaired by State Treasurer John Chiang will meet in Los Angeles. In order to most effectively represent our community as a member of this working group, I am asking for your input about the problems that the lack of banking access is causing in your life and business. The working group has several more meetings planned throughout the state over the next several months. Hezekiah Allen will share more details with you as they are finalized, make sure you are either a CGA member or an Alliance member to get those updates.

It is no secret that distribution is a controversial subject to many in the cannabis business. With the reconciliation of Prop 64 and the MCRSA happening in real time, several important issues–including distribution–are being considered by policy makers. Opinions are mixed, passion and emotions are high. I would like to invite you to participate in a short survey about distribution and reconciliation. Your perspective will help tremendously as the California Growers Association negotiates amendments to several pieces of legislation over the next few months.



Legislative Affairs and the Legal Future of Cannabis

The legal landscape of medical cannabis is changing rapidly in California. And when 2018 rolls in, cannabis growers or cannabis-related businesses that wants to survive will have to be licensed and regulated by the state just like any other business.