Nevada County Industry Members

Licensed Nevada County based cannabis businesses, and/or those seeking a license 


Stay Informed 

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving, are you keeping up? The Alliance provides real time information via our internal communication platform with state and local policy updates, industry news, market forecasting, research sharing and more.

Cut Costs 

Navigate the permit and on-going compliance processes with the resources and support you need.

Complimentary Buddy Program matches permit applicants with locally licensed farmers to assess their project at the start of the application processes.

Access to video and audio resource library with links to previous workshops and educational calls.

Receive discount pricing and promotions with Alliance Allied Industry Business Members.

Year-round continuing education opportunities.


We are stronger together. Make your voice heard and join in our public policy initiatives to support local and statewide legislation that supports a thriving and equitable Nevada County cannabis industry.

Industry Education and Connection

Year round continuing education includes compliance and regulatory workshops, business training skills, cannabis farming best practice seminars and more.

Networking opportunities that keep you connected to the industry locally and across the state.

Local Economic Development 

Through our partnership with Origins Council, Alliance members have joined forces with the members of MCA, BSFA, SCGA and TCAA to promote and develop state policies that support rural economic growth while preserving the cannabis culture in legacy producing regions.

Cottage Business
Speciality Business
Small Business
Medium Business
Mother Plant
Large Business
Owner + 1 Employee, Team/Family Member Owner + 3 Employee, Team/Family Members Owner + 4 – 5 Employee, Team/Family Members Owner + 6 – 10 Employee, Team/Family Members Owner +11 or more Employee, Team/Family Members
$50/month or (Pay Annually) $100/month or (Pay Annually) $249/month or (Pay Annually) $419/month or (Pay Annually) $825/month or (Pay Annually)