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By becoming a member you insure that we will become one of the strongest advocacy and trade organizations in Nevada County and that your voice is heard as we build consensus in our community. Here are a few perks…

  • Representation in Nevada County on Cannabis Policy, delivering an ordinance that protects your business and way of life.
  • Representation in Sacramento on Cannabis Policy, protecting the small farmer and keeping big business out of our industry.
  • Regular membership meetings with Nevada County Leadership and the opportunity to provide feedback on policy activities.
  • Take part in working committees, and gain local and state voting privileges within our organizations.
  • Members-only educational seminars, tips on best management practices, support with compliance resources that can help you navigate the new upcoming regulatory framework with ease.
  • Opportunity to join the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance Leadership.
  • Enjoy the privilege and benefits of being part of our efforts to brand Nevada County as a region producing the finest cannabis products in the nation.
  • Monthly newsletters, workshops, and access to social mixers, as well as discounts to special events.

Become a Member!

In order to strengthen our voice, we are striving to meet the goal of 1,000 members. Everyone’s participation is essential. Join us! We offer monthly and yearly billing. Save 17% when when you pay a year in advance. 

Supporting Memberships Industry Associate Memberships
Join as a Supporter
Pay yearly and save 17%
Join as an Associate
Pay yearly and save 17%
For supporters of the cause, patients, low-income individuals, and businesses not directly involved in the industry, but who benefit from cannabis personally, economically or socially. By joining you are lending your voice to help save cannabis and the industry in Nevada County. For members who plan on participating in the cannabis industry in Nevada County. Your membership is crucial in reaching the level of political clout needed to advocate for cottage farms. Consider a dollar per square foot of planned operations for your membership level.
Membership Level: Super Silver Friends Cali Gold Activists The Kind Giver Original Guardian Champion OG Granddaddy Patron
Dues: $10 per month $25 per month $50 per month $100 per month $250 per month $500 per month
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Join as a Supporter
Pay yearly and save 17%
Join as an Associate
Pay yearly and save 17%


Join our growing list of Non-Cannabis Business Sponsors who are realizing the economic impact the industry has on the local economy. Contact  our office for sponsorship opportunities:

  • Advertising and branding opportunities on our webpage
  • Branding opportunities at events
  • Opportunities to address our membership
  • Advertising in our future publications