Cannabis Industry Jobs

  • Gold Coast Botanicals Farm Labor is seeking garden hands! Providing compliant cannabis farm labor, we are seeking people living in California who have the dedication, strength, focus, patients, persistence, and responsibility that it takes to work in agriculture. 

  • Valley of Grass LLC has received all necessary approvals for distribution and manufacturing in Nevada City and needs a manager or consultant to help launch operations! Responsibilities include: overseeing regulatory compliance including track and trace, coordinate purchase and manage getting product out the door. Looking to start someone ASAP – compensation negotiable and dependent on availability and experience. Send resume or contact information to or call Jon at 805-290-3983.

  • Shady Creek Trading Co. is seeking an experienced sales person who works in the industry and has experience with dispensaries. Please send resumes or contact information to

Nevada County Cannabis Alliance Jobs

No opening at this time, check back later!