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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Meaningful Profit Financial Services LLC

Jesmine Reymond founded Meaningful Profit Financial Services LLC to offer specialty bookkeeping, inventory and finance support to the Cannabis and organic products community. A Nevada County local, she has worked throughout the Cannabis industry, from cultivation to harvest, and has an extensive history in retail and medicinal plant sales both front and back-office. She knows the industry from end-to-end, and can help you with your financial services needs, whether they are simple monthly reconciliation, preparing cultivation calendar or more complicated inventory and tax readiness activities. She brings a personal touch to her work with clients and will help you align your business structure with your personal and professional goals. Outdoor, organic Cannabis cultivation has a history of being family farming in Nevada County, and Jesmine supports business owners to meet their personal financial needs while at the same time successfully achieving their dreams. Jesmine offers a free 30-minute consultation and would love to learn more about you and your business.

Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Testing Labs

Cannabis Farm Labor

Gold Coast Botanicals

Compliant Cannabis Farm Labor, catering to the needs of the Small-Scale Licensed Cannabis Cultivators. 

Gold Coast Botanicals strives to have a team ready to assist in all manners of farming from beginning to end.

All employees have the dedication, training and respect needed to be successful. Knowing Cannabis farming is not a vacation but a labor of love. 

Interested? Please Go to Website fill out Cultivator Interest Form
Phone Number: 530 328-5206

Permitting Consultants

Oxalis Integrative Support Services

Oxalis Integrative Support Services is proud to assist sun-grown cannabis farmers with compliance upkeep and strategy so businesses are able to focus on sharing quality medicine with the rest of California. We have worked with over 100 businesses, across all license types, and in a variety of depths from guidance to comprehensive upkeep. Oxalis believes in the cannabis community and our staff of cannabis compliance experts will handle your compliance needs, making your life much easier. We offer many services from a Calendaring service, so you don’t miss any important renewals, to a full-service Track & Trace Direct Entry option so that you will never have to deal with METRC again!  Our goal is to strengthen the cannabis community, build a safer future for our children, and usher local farms through cannabis compliance. Let us know how we can help you and your business find a greener tomorrow in this newly regulated industry.
Phone: (707) 923-3753

Morland Consulting, LLC

Morland Consulting, LLC. provides high-quality consulting services to all cannabis license types in the State of California. Services include all aspects of compliance consulting, ranging from state regulations, cannabis taxes, licensing etc.
Morland Consulting, LLC. works to connect its clients to financial institutions who bank the cannabis industry. In addition, Morland Consulting, LLC connects clients to key regulators, and elected officials.
Morland Consulting, LLC is a proud member of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance and is proud to represent some of its member companies.

Tim Morland

Tess Hacker Consulting 
Helping cultivators become licensed since 2018

With over 80 applications successfully submitted to the state of California and Nevada County, I have witnessed numerous projects, ranging in wide scope, become fully permitted and licensed. I work closely with a network of professionals including; engineers, architects, biologist, archaeologist and contractors to bring your project to fruition. Specializing in land use planning, state and county permitting, site plan review and operation procedures, licensing changes and amendments, and assistance in abatement notices and inspections. You can put your trust in me to save you time, money, and energy when it comes to becoming a licensed cultivator.

Tess Hacker


Phone: (530) 205-8896


Garden Supplies

Pacific Northwest Organics

Pacific Northwest Organics is a family-owned company with over 20 years experience in bulk organic fertilizer manufacturing. We are dedicated to making high-grade, affordable products, registered for use in organic agriculture.

PNWO is known for making outstanding nutrients producing high yielding plants for agriculture and gardeners alike that is why our main ingredients are sourced locally and ecologically. Our company is passionate about making environmentally conscious products and guarantee we are making the very best products for plants, soil, people, and the earth.

Grow Generation

At GrowGeneration, we aim to be the best in Selection, Service, & Solutions. Currently we are the largest hydroponics supplier in the country with 39 retail and distribution centers. We carry and sell thousands of products, such as organic nutrients and soils, advanced lighting technology and state of the art hydroponics equipment used by commercial and home growers. Our Commercial Team is armed with industry leading professional consultants that are here to help fully manage any size project. Our team offers a one-stop shop for all your supply needs from seed to harvest, including turnkey facility designs, cultivation room designs, and on-site project consultations. Our website,, operates as an Omni-Channel Ecommerce platform with 10,000+ products with available shipping around the country, along with a customer service team available to answer any questions and help make your grow operate as efficiently as possible.


17115 Penn Valley DrivePenn Valley, CA 95946(530) 432-9906

4413 Highway 20Marysville, CA 95901(530) 742-0442

Both Locations open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM Saturdays 9 AM to 4 PM

Nevada County Farm & Garden Supply

Nevada County Farm & Garden has proudly serviced our community since 1992. No matter what your property needs, we’re here to make it happen.
We take our customer relationships very seriously. Bring us your problems and our team will analyze with diligence and help you execute an effective plan.

(530) 273-3948

Kastle Systems is an industry thought leader and innovator of property technology that creates efficiencies and major risk reductions for cannabis owners and operators. Providing end to end solutions allow us to take a holistic approach to partnering with our clients for the long terms, which in turn creates efficiencies and major rick reductions. Our Partners look to Kastle when traditional security solutions become time consuming, too costly to manage or the client wants a truly integrated and managed security solution.

Leveraging our own technology, we deliver Access Control, Video Surveillance with AI, Analytics and Intelligence, that empowers business owners in making spaces safer, smarter and more convenient. Kastle is a leading provider of solutions, protecting industrial and commercial real estate, cannabis operations, multi-family residential, global enterprises, educational institutions and critical government facilities.

*Suggested questions to help find the consultant and/or business that best suits your needs

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