The Nevada County Cannabis Alliance is an advocacy and trade association of cannabis farmers, producers, manufacturers, patients, and responsible cannabis businesses that recognize the economic and medicinal value that cannabis culture has brought to Nevada County. We recognize the environmental, and social costs that unregulated growth of this industry has inflicted on our county, and know that this can only be solved by making a legal pathway for cannabis businesses to join the regulated market, becoming accountable and paying taxes like any other business in our county.

Our goal is to build bridges so that responsible members of the cannabis industry can fully and legitimately participate in the county’s political and economic landscape.

We are positioned to create an environment where local cannabis businesses can thrive and continue to provide premium cannabis to patients locally and statewide. Our goal is to recommend a cultivation ordinance for Nevada County that promotes responsible cannabis businesses and provides a pathway to become compliant with local and state laws.


Our ultimate vision is to establish and support a legitimate cannabis economy that is:

– Congruent with the values of our historical and rural region.
– Provides opportunities for local businesses and supports job creation.
– Can fund and support educational, health, public safety and environmental protection programs.
– In alignment with the future of the legitimate national cannabis economy.

Through educating the general public on the economic and cultural value of a legitimate cannabis industry, we will unite all local activist organizations, patients, and concerned citizens in bringing sensible solutions to the problems that an unregulated industry has caused in the community.

We advocate for and foster responsible cultivation that promotes best management practices and environmental stewardship to help resolve health and public safety issues, and protect our natural resources.

We seek to adopt permitting and licensing structures, in alignment with the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, that allow our members to participate in the quickly evolving statewide cannabis industry, and that allows our residents to benefit from the economic impact of what is expected to be the largest growing industry in California.

Through our work, we seek to collaborate with cultivators, businesses, County and City officials to build good relationships and provide resources and educational opportunities that uphold social and economic standards that preserve our quality of life.

What We Do

  • Advocate for an ordinance that would allow cannabis businesses to be in compliance with local and state laws.
  • Create an environment where cannabis businesses can thrive in the new marketplace and can operate free of fear of intimidation.
  • Educate and help our members keep up with the changing industry landscape and regulatory system.
  • Guarantee a steady supply and safe access to medicinal grade cannabis.
  • Champion small-scale farming and keep the big business out of the Cannabis industry.
  • Create a sense of community where our members can feel part of a movement that is taking action to preserve our values and our way of life.

Who We Are

  • Cannabis Farmers and Manufacturers: Responsible local cultivators and business owners who see the need to band together to have a safe a legal environment they can operate in.
  • Patients and Providers: Local patients and healthcare providers who realize the importance of having a thriving commercial cannabis industry that can meet their healthcare needs.
  • Local Businesses: Business owners who are realizing the economic impact the cannabis industry has on the local economy.
  • Concerned Citizens: Residents concerned about the state of local politics in our county.