Permitting Resources to Get Legit

If you want to be licensed for the 2021 season, DO NOT DELAY!  Start the licensing processes early! 


The Alliance’s annual GET LEGIT EDUCATION SERIES begins this September! The Get Legit Educational Series provides the preparation necessary to assist in securing a local cultivation permit and state license. The series includes workshops, support groups, business skills training and a mentor program. Get Legit Workshops are all open to the public.





    • “Join the Family Campaign”: a buddy program helping farmers assess their feasibility by being matched with a permitted farmer. Email
    • Online member support groups
    • Video recordings of past Get Legit Workshops (Ex: State licensing, Track & Trace,Pesticide Regulations, Farmer to Farmer Roundtable and CannaBiz Skills classes) 
    • Ongoing Get Legit Workshops for regulatory assistance and business skills training 
    • Recordings of past Member Calls with valuable resources. 
    • Online SLACK network for support, networking and resource sharing amongst members 
    • Email us and let us know if you are having any challenges with the permit process so we can best help direct you to the appropriate resources. 
    • County Resources:
    • State Resources:


The Fall 2020 Get Legit Series is brought to you for FREE by the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance.

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