Contact Your District Supervisor

What do District Supervisors do?

They represent you! 


Why is it important to foster a relationship with your District Supervisor?

The Board of Supervisors adopts ordinances, regulations and rules. In order to do so effectively, it is important that your District Supervisor understands how local ordinances, regulations and rules effect you, your business and your community.

Building a healthy relationship with your District Supervisor provides concrete examples, first hand experiences and important community insight for them to consider when forming or amending local policy. 



You can find out what district you live in at this website:

  • Click on My Neighborhood Map
  • Type in your address to the search box
  • Click on “Report” or “Report Link”
  • Click on the “Districts” heading


To contact the Board of Supervisors:


Phone: (530) 265-1480


Heidi Hall, Chair 
District 1 

Nevada City and the unincorporated areas of Banner Mountain, Cascade Shores, Deer Creek, and the Highway 174 corridor


Ed Scofield
District 2

Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, and unincorporated areas along Highway 49


Dan Miller, Vice Chair 
District 3

City of Grass Valley, Cedar Ridge, the Brunswick Basin, Squirrel Creek, and unincorporated areas along Highways 49 and 20


Sue Hoek
District 4

Penn Valley, North San Juan, Rough and Ready, Lake Wildwood, Spenceville, and unincorporated areas along Highways 20 and 49


Richard Anderson
District 5

Town of Truckee, and the communities of Soda Springs, Washington, Graniteville, Hirschdale, Boca, Floriston, and unincorporated areas along Highways 49, 20, 89, and Interstate 80