Nevada County Cannabis Policy Updates!

Over the past 12 months, the Alliance has been persistent in our advocacy to reduce costly barriers to entry and to create greater efficiencies throughout the permitting process. We stand strong in our dedication to ensuring farmers have an accessible pathway to transition into the licensed cannabis industry. Earlier this month, county staff released four… Continue reading Nevada County Cannabis Policy Updates!

Permitting Resources to Get Legit

If you want to be licensed for the upcoming season, DO NOT DELAY!  Start the licensing processes early!  GET LEGIT EDUCATION SERIES:  Commercial Cannabis Licensing Made Simple! The Get Legit Educational Series provides the preparation necessary to assist in securing a local cultivation permit and state license. The series includes workshops, support groups, business skills… Continue reading Permitting Resources to Get Legit


In recent weeks, our community has seen a significant increase in cases of COVID-19. Businesses are being cited by the Health Department for not abiding to guidelines and others  have had to completely shut down due to employees or customers testing positive for COVID-19 after interacting with other employees and customers. The local cannabis industry… Continue reading COVID-19 CANNABIS COMMUNITY GUIDELINES

Contact Your District Supervisor

What do District Supervisors do? They represent you!    Why is it important to foster a relationship with your District Supervisor? The Board of Supervisors adopts ordinances, regulations and rules. In order to do so effectively, it is important that your District Supervisor understands how local ordinances, regulations and rules effect you, your business and… Continue reading Contact Your District Supervisor