Stock Up On Organic Olive Oil and Support The Alliance!

Friends of the Alliance:

We have an exciting opportunity for Alliance members and friends. Organic Roots is a family farm located in Maxwell, CA that grows 2500 acres of organic rice and 600 acres of organic olives.  The Alliance is partnering with Organic Roots to bring craft olive oil to your family farm and home. Proceeds from each purchase will help further the work of the Alliance. The specific type of olive is Arbequina, a spanish varietal known for an overall buttery, fruity and mild flavor.


The details:

  • Offer extended until the end of October!
  • To secure your order, email
  • Cost is $65 per gallon (A savings of nearly 20% off retail!)
  • All orders come in an easy to dispense bag in a box for clean use without spills.
  • Preferred payment is cash or check (made out to Nevada County Alliance).


Gather your community and put together an order while fundraising for the Alliance! Help us exceed our goal of 20 orders!


We look forward to hearing from you,

Nevada County Cannabis Alliance