Be A Good Neighbor Guide

Won’t you be my neighbor?


Being a good neighbor is the best kind of neighbor to be.

The Nevada County Cannabis ordinance is complaint driven and issues with your neighbors can lead to disturbances in your neighborhood and unnecessary encounters with enforcement officials.

Neighbor complaints arise from a variety of issues: trash, loud music, illegal parking, barking dogs, disputes with utility workers, fire hazards, domestic disputes, odor and other nuisances. Enforcement agencies are required to investigate these complaints and they will come to the reported location to seek further information.


Below are some helpful tips on how to be a good neighbor!

*Always reference the Nevada County Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance for complete compliance requirements

Light Pollution:

  • Light pollution is an eyesore for neighbors; cover your greenhouse at night if you are running lights.
  • Light pollution is now being considered as one of the hidden drivers of biodiversity loss.


  • Noise complaints can often turn into more serious code violations. Walk around your property during the day and night and identify noises that may prompt your neighbors to complain.


  • Plant native shrubs and flowers that can help mitigate the smell of cannabis plants, while increasing the beauty and the health of your gardens ecosystem.


  • Keep at least one fire extinguisher in your cultivation area.
  • Ensure all your electrical is permitted and don’t overload your electrical circuits or otherwise stress your cables and power-points.
  • Don’t run extension cords through areas with dry grass, mulch, wood chips or anything that can ignite.
  • Clear overgrowth from shared roads and driveways.


  • Do NOT steal water from creeks, streams or rivers.
  • Do NOT steal water from your neighbors.
  • Be mindful of your water use during peak daytime hours, the warmest parts of the day.
  • Store fertilizers, pesticides and other possibly toxic compounds in a locked space, away from children and pets, and where they can not spill or leak directly onto the Earth or near any waterways.
  • Do NOT use illegal pesticides on your property.
  • Dispose of trash responsibly. There are four Waste Management transfer stations or dumps in Western Nevada County, and several recycling stations in Nevada City and Grass Valley. Please use them!


  • Respect speed limits. Don’t create excessive dust that can settle on your neighbors homes and gardens.
  • If your neighborhood has an active road association make sure you are contributing as needed/requested.

Utility Companies and Property Access:

  • From time to time utilities and NID company workers may come to your property to update utility poles or check on infrastructure. Treat them with respect. Negative interactions are often reported internally at these agencies which could lead to further interactions.