Nevada County Pre-Application Process

On Friday 3/1, the county released the most updated draft ordinance (click here) in addition to the processes (click here) to apply for local permits.  


An important Note from County staff about application submittals:


Application submittals will be processed by appointment only. This will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. These appointments began on Monday, March 4th. Below are some important steps to consider regarding this process:


  •         During the pre-application process applicants are applying for these permits at their own risk. This is based on a draft ordinance and an EIR that has not been finalized or adopted. There are aspects that are likely to evolve that may include additional/differing regulation and/or additional fees to the applicant. We want to make sure all applicants are clear of this upfront so they can make an informed decision prior to applying during the pre-application process. This is not meant to discourage anyone from applying but is to ensure that you are aware of everything upfront and that there is 100% transparency about this process as it moves forward.


  •         The appointments are to process complete submittals only. General questions, inquiries, etc. can be fielded during normal business hours as the county has been doing over the past several months. Do not schedule or have an applicant schedule a submittal appointment without being 100% ready with a complete application package. If/when county staff identifies incomplete submittals the applicants will be required to reschedule an appointment for re-submittal. There are specific documents, reports, plans, etc. in the application checklists so please be sure all of these are complete before making an appointment.