The Path to Permits


Listed below are recommendations to help you through the permit process.

“Every grow is unique like a snowflake.” (County Staff, January 2019). It’s cliche, but true. Your parcel and your farm plan is unique and will likely require individualized questions and answers.

CONTACT THE COUNTY A.S.A.P. TO BEGIN DISCUSSING YOUR SPECIFIC PROJECT. Your requirements will vary based on if you have employees (or not), if you plan to trim on-site (or not) and many other factors!

Start the permitting process (click here) for your greenhouse and support structures

early with the county to avoid delays.

A.  WATCH. Video recordings of County Presentations from January 28th workshop (click here).

  1. Additional videos from workshops will be made available as we upload them!
  2. Here is the counties PowerPoint presentation (click here) from the January 28th workshop as well.

B.  REVIEW. Familiarize yourself with the County’s Cannabis Conversation Page (click here). Locate the draft ordinance and other helpful information, especially these questions (click here) and the Cannabis Compliance Units FAQ Document (click here).


  1. All commercial cannabis projects must have a Lake and Streambed Alteration (LSA) Agreement or written verification that one is not needed.
  2. The process may take up to 90 days in some cases. Start this process early!


  1. All commercial cannabis projects must receive coverage under the general order, as a requirement for the annual license.
  2. Start this process early!

E. START filling out your state annual license (click here)!

  1. Need help? Attend the Alliance workshop on Feb 25th, Step – by-step guide to completing your annual license. Facilitated by Amber Morris (click here).

F. CONNECT. The Community Development Agency has created a newsletter to help navigate their department and securing building permits. Sign up for the newsletter HERE (click here)

G. READ! Familiarize yourself with ADA Accessibility Requirements

  1. ADA Parking, Signage, Loading Zones and Sidewalks (click here)
  2. Remember! Each project is unique, speak directly to the building department to assess your needs.
  3. Attend the Feb 14th Fireside Chat, hosted by Nevada County to discuss Fire and ADA requirements (click here)

H. FIRE. Fire Regulations: Farmers will NOT receive final sign off on local permits until they have met the fire requirements. Start the process now to prepare.

  1. Land Use Chapter, XVI, Fire Safety Regulations (click here)
  2. Land Use Chapter, XVII, Road Standards (click here)
  3. Fire Safe Regulations 2016 (click here)
  4. Public Resource 4290, Vegetation Management (click here)
  5. Attend the Feb 14th Fireside Chat, hosted by Nevada County to discuss Fire and ADA requirements (click here)


  1. Start the process now to permit your structures (greenhouse, support structures)  by contacting the Building Department (click here).


  1. Setbacks are 100 ft. from property lines for cultivation sites and likely any commercial cannabis related buildings as well.
  2. Are you planning to apply for a setback easement? Start the process early (click here). Per the draft ordinance, one can apply for a setback easement of up to a maximum of 40% variance of required setback.