Yes on Measure G!

The Alliance Supports a YES vote for local Measure G!!!

Measure G is a local commercial cannabis business tax measure that, if approved by voters on November 6th, will provide a pathway forward for legal cannabis businesses while contributing funding for essential services in unincorporated Nevada County.  

  • The Nevada County Cannabis Alliance has researched and examined taxation trends for cannabis cultivation statewide and the effect on cannabis businesses, local governments and consumers. The Alliance believes the rate proposed for Nevada County is fair and reasonable compared to tax rates in other jurisdictions.
  • If approved, the rate presented on the ballot (10%) is the maximum percentage of gross receipts that can be collected. The starting rate for taxation will begin at the much lower rate of 2.5% of gross receipts making this rate one of the lowest tax rates in the state and thus encouraging businesses and stimulating our local cannabis economy.
  • The taxation rate represents a balance between providing a realistic pathway for local cannabis farmers to succeed while still ensuring that the county receives the necessary tax revenue to provide services and improve infrastructure.
  • The Alliance appreciates the efforts by county officials to listen to our recommendations while propsosing policy that encourages the long term success of the local industry.

Please vote YES on Measure G!!!

  • How much tax revenue would Nevada County collect as a result of Measure G?
    • If enacted, Measure G could generate up to $1.5 to $3 million in locally-controlled funding for essential services that could not be taken by the state, paid only by cannabis businesses in unincorporated Nevada County.
  • How will cannabis businesses be taxed?
    • The starting rate of Measure G would be 2.5% of gross receipts for cannabis businesses, one of the lower taxes in the state.
    • If enacted, Measure G will place a tax on commercial cannabis businesses only, establishing rates not to exceed 10% of gross receipts depending on the type of cannabis business.
    • Measure G is NOT a tax on residents’ homes or properties.
    • Personal use gardens will not be taxed.
    • Measure G only applies to those operating commercial cannabis businesses.
    • This tax does not apply to cannabis businesses in Truckee, Grass Valley or Nevada City.


Don’t Forget to Vote!

Expect to receive your ballot by mail in Nevada County  

Please vote YES on Measure G!