Important: Timelines, Temporary Permits and Provisional Licenses

As you may have read in the recent Union article, (10/10/18: Nevada County Cannabis Advocates Push for Pathway to Legal Market), we are on the heels of a significant policy update. The Alliance is advocating for immediate access to State Temporary Licenses under the parameters of the draft ordinance.

While we continue to collaborate with the county to finalize the process, we encourage all members to become educated and prepared for what will be needed to apply for a state temporary license.

The Alliance will be hosting workshops to help prepare farmers in late October and November.

What is a State Temporary Cultivation License?

A temporary cultivation license is a license issued by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and shall be valid for a period of 120 days, which may be extended for additional 90-day periods. Under the current law, temporary licenses cannot be issued after December 31, 2018.

What is the process to acquire a State Temporary Cultivation License?

Temporary Cultivation License Application with Instructions HERE

Tips & Tricks:

    • For Nevada County you MUST select for M (medical) License

□ A copy of a valid license, permit, or other authorization, issued by a local jurisdiction, that enables the applicant entity to conduct commercial cannabis activity at the location requested for the temporary license

□ A proposed cultivation plan

    • Reference Guide for Cultivation Plans HERE
      • Pay very close attention to the premise diagram section as many of the common errors are there. For example, don’t forget to identify the boundaries and dimensions (in feet) of the required areas.

□ Evidence of enrollment with the applicable Regional Water Quality Control Board or State Water Resources Control Board for water quality protection programs or written verification from the appropriate board that enrollment is not necessary

□ Identification of all of the applicable water sources used for cultivation activities and the applicable supplemental information for each source


***Once a farmer has acquired a state temporary license they will be eligible for a Provisional License***

What is a State Provisional License?

Provisional licenses act as a bridge between state temporary and annual cultivation licenses. A provisional license will act in the same manner as an annual license, except it is not renewable.

  • Prerequisites for a Provisional License: To qualify for a provisional commercial cannabis cultivation license, an annual applicant must:
    • Hold—or have held—a temporary cannabis cultivation license for the same premises and the same commercial cannabis activity for which the provisional license will be issued
    • Submit a completed state annual cultivation license application (all applicable requirements pursuant to California Code of Regulations section 8102 still apply), including evidence that compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is underway
    • Pay the application fee for the associated license type
  • Fact Sheet from CalCannabis on Provisional Licenses HERE


*The Alliance is supplying the above information as a resource. It is always best for applicants to contact the state agencies directly with any questions*