First Draft of Cannabis Ordinance!

Perhaps the most anticipated moment for the local cannabis industry has arrived: A special Board of Supervisors meeting has been confirmed for May 1 with Cannabis as its sole purpose.

The BOS is expected to see the first draft of a cannabis ordinance, hear comments from the public, deliberate on the specifics of the cultivation program and give county staff further direction on how to move forward.

This is a positive development since the news that the ordinance would be further delayed as the county conducts the CEQA required Environmental Impact Report. This process may take at least six months to complete and upwards of $350,000. While this is one avenue for completing the EIR and reaching CEQA compliance, it happens to be one of the more expensive and lengthy options.

The Alliance continues its efforts to present other options to the BOS that would protect the county from litigation while at the same time allowing farmers to move forward with the permitting and licensing process.

Here is the story from The Union regarding the May 1st meeting: