A Few Things that Make your Membership Special

You’ve seen us at the Board of Supervisor Meetings, fundraisers, parades and every important and unimportant meeting in the community.

Maybe you’ve seen the “I ♥ my farmer” t-shirts and wondered what they’re all about. Maybe you have several of them on your top drawer ready to be worn to any community event — good job 😉

Whether you just find out about us or have been a loyal member since day one, we wanted to remind you of all the perks that come with your membership to the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance.

We are primarily a trade association for the benefit of our members who plan on participating in the cannabis industry in Nevada County. By pooling our resources and working together along with industry and community leaders and elected officials, we can reach the level of political buy-in needed to save local farms.

  • By becoming a member you ensure that we will become one of the strongest advocacy and trade organizations in Nevada County and that your voice is heard as we build consensus in our community.
  • Representation in Nevada County on Cannabis Policy, advocating for an ordinance that protects your business, patients rights and way of life.
  • Representation in Sacramento on Cannabis Policy, protecting the cottage farmer Regular membership meetings
  • Weekly conference call with Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director of California Growers Association.
  • Get Legit Series: A string of workshops geared to get you ready for local and state compliance and support you with compliance resources that can help you navigate the new regulatory framework with ease.
  • Checklists and document templates that can help support your cannabis business.
  • Access to our Business Directory of local professionals at the ready to service the cannabis industry.
  • Take part in working committees, and gain local and state voting privileges within our organizations.
  • Members-only educational seminars and tips on best management practices for cultivation and other cannabis business types.
  • Opportunity to join the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance Leadership.
  • Enjoy the privilege and benefits of being part of our efforts to brand Nevada County as a region producing the finest cannabis products in the nation.
  • Monthly newsletters, workshops, and access to social mixers, as well as discounts to special events.
  • Updates on current laws and regulations.
  • Information about how to get involved in local nonprofits and community events.
  • Volunteer opportunities.

For more information about member benefits or to become a member online, please click HERE.