Have You Written or Called Yet?

If you have been following the Cannabis Conversation in Nevada County you might be inclined to yawn. It’s been long and slow. Sometimes riddled with repetitive issues like setbacks and zoning.

However, we seem to be inching closer to real talk. The Nevada County Board of Supervisors will be taking up the issue again at its February 13th meeting. Why should you care? The ability of many farmers to operate under the new licensure system is in the Board of Supervisors hands. Several topics promise to be contentious and it is important to communicate with our elected officials about how to ensure small farmers have a chance to transition.

  • Setbacks
    • Anything over 100 feet would greatly limit most cultivators.
  • Zoning
    • Res AG is a very sensitive subject, especially under 5 acres. Several comments from CAG members and Supervisors show resistance towards allowing commercial cultivation in parcels under 5 acres.
  • Potential of limiting the number of licenses available
    • Limiting the number of licenses creates barriers to entry for many cultivators, forcing aspiring new businesses to take on debt, and surrender to equity investors, just to get off the ground. It can also lead to land speculation and inflated land prices.

Not having an ordinance by March presents many challenges for many farmers eager to enter the licensed and regulated market. While big capital investment money pours into the newly created California cannabis industry, small farmers in Nevada County must wait for a local permitting system that allows them to begin state licensure. This lag time creates additional barriers of entry to the legal market. Even if you don’t cultivate it’s important to understand the economic ripple effect that these barriers represent for Nevada County’s economy.

The following needs to be communicated to our elected officials BEFORE THE February Board Of Supervisors MEETING:

  • Allowing small farmers to operate in Nevada County ensure the vitality
  • Those who want to move forward legally should be encouraged and assisted by the county as soon as we get closer to getting a cultivation ordinance in place.
  • Farmers willing to work towards licensure must be given a transition period to come into compliance with all building codes.
  • In June of 2018, it will be two years since the people of Nevada County spoke against a commercial ban on cannabis and defeated Measure W. Many cannot longer afford to wait to set up their businesses. Please talk to your Supervisor about the sense of urgency needed to pass an ordinance and begin the path to compliance.
  • Make the new local permitting process as transparent and practical as possible for both county staff and farmers who want to establish their legal businesses.
  • All cannabis business license types need to be represented in the ordinance in order to have a healthy, fully integrated industry in the area that keeps locals employed here in our county.
  • We must fight outsiders coming in. The new ordinance must have a residency requirement that keeps Nevada County properties away from the hands of outside land grabbers and speculators.
  • For more specific talking points contact the Alliance at info@nccannabisalliance.org

Please address all letters and emails to your district’s supervisor, include the name and district of your Supervisor:

950 Maidu Avenue Suite 200, Nevada City, Ca 95959
Send faxes clearly addressed to your district’s supervisor: Fax: 530.265.9836

All emails are listed below:

Heidi Hall
District 1

Ed Scofield
District 2

Dan Miller
District 3

Hank Weston
District 4

Richard Anderson
District 5

Click Here for the Code of Conduct you should follow in your letters and public speaking.

Together and through collaborative policy we can help build the kind of industry in our area that we can be proud of — one that helps solve issues of public safety and environmental degradation. We need your participation!