Nevada City selects its first dispensary

My How Far Have We Come!

The Nevada County Cannabis Alliance is excited to welcome a dispensary to Nevada City.

There’s a certain sense of satisfaction seeing the culmination of more than a year’s worth of work helping the City to craft their ordinance to address public issues and concerns, while making sure cannabis businesses remain feasible.

As an advocate for the industry as a whole, we remained neutral on the candidates, our emphasis being that whoever is chosen represents the industry in an exemplary way.

Given the pool of candidates, each of them with strong roots in the community, each of them very qualified, there was an ease of mind that whoever was selected would portray the cannabis industry well.

That being said we did not envy the position of the City Council as they sat on Wednesday, November 15th to choose the finalist. It was a difficult task and in the end the vote was split between the council members who believed their vote represented the popular support of their constituency, and those that believed the objective criteria set forth in the process would select the most qualified candidate.

In the end, Elevation 2477’ was selected to be the first dispensary in Nevada County, creating local access for patients who had previously had to travel long distances for medical cannabis.

After reviewing Elevation 2477’ plans, and speaking with their management team we are fully confident that they will serve as a model for cannabis business in our area.

Eventually, when the county implements a local cultivation permitting system, small cannabis farmers will be able to sell their products at local dispensaries like Elevation. Please continue to help support the efforts to get a permitting infrastructure for Nevada County that will allow the transitioning of local farmers and the creation of a fully integrated cannabis industry.

~ Diana Gamzon

Executive Director, Nevada County Cannabis Alliance