What is in a Year?

The Nevada County Cannabis Alliance Celebrates One Year of Progress


We have now had our doors open for a year, and look at everything we have been able to accomplish!

The conversation at the County level has taken a more friendly tone toward the cannabis industry and we have reached across the aisle to work with community members. Most importantly we are building bridges and working collaboratively towards the common vision of a healthy, sustainable and safe county.  

As we look back at a very laborious and intense year, here is a list of some of our accomplishments:

  • Our Get Legit Workshop Series have helped  prepare our members for the transition to a regulated industry. Through these educational forums we are helping farmers learn to grow the best and purest medical grade cannabis, create business models and business management styles that can position them for success in the cannabis industry. Since our inception we have hosted 12 Get Legit Workshops. 
  • Our partnership with California Growers Association is keeping our members up to speed on State Policy and Regulations. Two of our Board Members sit on the Cal Growers Board of Directors and our Executive Director is now the Vice Chair of the Cal Growers Regional Council, giving us access to policy developments throughout the state. In addition, our Associate members have the ability to participate on a weekly call with Hezekiah Allen and the Cal Growers Policy Council. 
  • We have established direct communication with all local government entities, local law enforcement,  influential community groups and local non profits in the county to create relationships and educate them about changing cannabis regulations, industry trends and policy.  
  • Some of the agencies include Community Development, the Agricultural Commissioner, Public and Environmental Health, Board of Education, Grass Valley Police Department, and Nevada City Police Department. We have sat down with the Sheriffs office as well as the County CEO.  We are building bridges and talking solutions.  This has resulted in several successes for our community:
  • Nevada City authorized the first cannabis business in the county, a dispensary.  Nevada City also passed an ordinance authorizing other non-cultivation cannabis businesses. 
  • We have provided the CAG with supporting documentation to educate CAG members for each and every meeting held so far.
  • We have increased engagement by the cannabis community in local charitable events, including having the largest single group of volunteers for the Yuba River Cleanup.
  • We have placed cannabis community members on several local non-profit boards to increase influence and decrease stigma, including Nevada County Grown, the Arts Council, and the Briarpatch Co-Op.
  • We have changed the conversation from “ban it” to “regulate it” by defeating Measure W!
  • County Supervisors Weston, Miller and Scofield have acknowledge willingness to regulate cannabis.  
  • The Alliance has provided solid leadership that is respected in the community.  We have become the go to intermediary between county staff and community groups and the local cannabis industry.
  • We are bringing local farmers and other cannabis businesses together to network with our monthly social mixers. Attendance at our mixers typically exceeds 120 people. 
  • We have had valuable conversations with two of the county’s Superintendent of Schools and several principles. We found common ground in our efforts to keep cannabis out of the hands of children and to educate parents on guidelines that can address the problems schools face with cannabis.
  • The Alliance has forged relationships with local substance recovery groups and has identified ways that our groups can work together regardless of our differences.
  • The Alliance partnered with the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) to educate all farmers as to best management practices that protect the environment through the Growing Green for the Yuba Workshop Series.
  • The Alliance regularly attends and represents the cannabis industry at:
    • GV City Council Meetings
    • Truckee Town Council Meetings
    • Nevada City Council Meetings
    • Board of Supervisors
    • Planning Commission Meetings
    • LAFCO Meetings
    • Agriculture Advisory Commission
    • Penn Valley MAC
    • Nevada County Economic Resource Council
    • School Board
    • Federation of Neighborhood Associations
    • Rotary
    • NCTV
  • We have the largest membership of any local cannabis organization in the state.
  • We have the largest social media presence of any local cannabis organization. Our emailing list includes 2500 people and businesses.
  • Won Best of Parade of Constitution Day Parade
  • Won best group costume at SYRCL Quiz Night (Extra HIGH terrestrials)

A big Thank You goes out to all who supported us through this first year!


So are YOU a member yet?