Nevada City voted to Allow Cannabis-related Businesses

NEVADA CITY — The Nevada City Council unanimously approved an ordinance on first reading Wednesday that would allow cannabis-related businesses to operate within city limits.

The vote came after an open discussion about what type of licenses should be included. The Council agreed to consider manufacturing, processing, cultivation, distribution, transportation, and testing labs among some of the license types.

The Planning Commission considered the draft ordinance in May and after making a few changes also unanimously approved to move it onto the City Council’s hands.

The City Council will consider the ordinance again on second reading at its June 28 meeting.

The city also approved the application process for residents who want to seek a dispensary license within the city limits. The process spells out all of the requirements applicants must undergo to submit their applications, including neighborhood notices, community outreach programs, application fees and a timeline for the city to consider applicants that extends all the way beyond January 2018.

A member of the public expressed concern over the city waiting to pick an applicant after January 1st 2018, when the state will begin granting licenses and giving priority to businesses that are already operating.

City Manager Mark Prestwich said the timeline was simply an estimate.

“We wanted to build in some flexibility and some time for applicants to prepare their applications,” he said.

Mayor Evans Phelps said the city had taken the right steps to use templates from other communities and craft something that was in alignment with Nevada City.

“Hopefully we can get this done before January,” she said.