Op-Ed | Basil McMahon: Cannabis IS an industry, let’s regulate it for the benefit of all!

One of our dearest members reacted last week to a comment made by one of the Community Advisory Group members that prompted him to write this insightful Op-Ed piece published in YubaNet Friday.

June 9, 2017 – I was encouraged and pleased to see an open invitation to the public for the first Community Advisory Group meeting May 22. It instilled trust in the process that county officials set forth for the creation of a permanent cannabis cultivation ordinance. Yet one comments made by one of the CAG members struck me as odd.

It was stated by one of the CAG members during the meeting that cannabis activity in Nevada County was not an “Industry”– that the definition of “Industry” was, in the speaker’s opinion, limited to product manufacturing, heavy equipment and such similar things. He suggested that cannabis cultivation was strictly an agricultural activity and should be treated as such, and that the group should refrain from using the “Industry” terminology because it was not applicable.

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