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Thursday, May 4

Sacramento – Lawmakers, regulatory agencies and stakeholders met Thursday afternoon to deliberate the future of regulated cannabis in California at a Joint Senate Budget and Oversight Hearing focused on Cannabis Regulatory Implementation.

There were a number of highlights related to priority issues that our partners at the California Growers Association have been focusing on:

  • Senator Mcguire called for the expansion the appellations program. By adding 4 words–“standards, practices, and varietals”–the appellations program will provide value to a much broader cross section of California, including extractors, food makers and all types of growers. A high priority of Cal Growers, this language will help to document, catalog and protect our states diverse canna-culture.
  • Senator Roth focused on tax collection and the challenges caused by an all cash industry. There were several comments suggesting taxes should be collected by the distributor; we continue to prefer the flexibility in AB 1410 and will continue to advocate for that policy.
  • Senator Mcguire coined the term “Calganic,” calling on the Department of Food and Agriculture to implement an organic certification for cannabis in the state of California, despite federal inaction on the subject.
  • Senator Monning stressed the importance of implementing the environmental protections included in Proposition 64.
  • There was thorough dialog about the track and trace system with Senator Wieckowski suggesting that tracking harvest was most critical and that planting and growing may be lower priorities.
  • Mcguire and others highlighted concerns over the proposed repeal of Section 26051, language that was passed by the voters in November. This important section of state law gives the licensing agencies authority to deny an application if there is concern that issuing the licensee may:
    • Create or maintain monopoly powers
    • Allow unreasonable restraints on competition
    • Perpetuate the presence of an illegal market
    • Encourage underage use or adult abuse
    • Result in violations of any environmental protection laws.
    • The repeal of this section became a unifying theme of the opposition today. A diverse coalition including industry, labor and environmental groups joined local government and law enforcement in expressing opposition to the trailer bill.

Cal Growers Executive Director Hezekiah Allen communicated our “oppose unless amended” position and discussed a strategy to implement Section 26051 by drawing from the MCRSA and using the Blue Ribbon Commission Pathways Report as a guide.

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has long been a leader on cannabis policy, chairing the Blue Ribbon Commission and spearheading Prop 64. Please contact the Lieutenant Governors Sacramento office and ask that Newsom oppose the trailer bill unless it is amended: Section 26051 must be fully implemented!

You can contact the Lieutenant Governor by email or by phone at (916) 445-8994; please be succinct and polite.

Have you read Section 26051? Is it important to you? Why? Share your opinion on social media using #implement26051.

Cal Growers is working with various stakeholders and lawmakers to call for compromise language based on our April 19 letter; we also continue to advocate our other priority considerations.

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