Trailer Bill Update!!!

Why you should care about Governor Brown’s Trailer Bill

Our partners at the California Growers Association have come out adamantly opposing the Trailer Bill as written. And for good reason.

CGA’s analysis concludes that the trailer bill –while well intended—will create an un-level playing field which will lead to decreased rates of participation and decreased rates of success for small farmers. The goal of licensure should be to invite and encourage farmers into compliance, not to deter them from wanting to enter the marketplace.

The CGA is calling all cultivators to get behind the proposed amendments bellow.

Thankfully, the trailer bill can be improved significantly with some very minor changes. Unfortunately, these changes will trigger concerns about consistency with the intent of Proposition 64. It is critical that all stakeholders work together to seek consensus in order to strike the best possible balance. Your support will make a difference! Please review the proposed amendments and sign the letter below.

Establish a limit on the total number of licenses that an owner may hold. Proposal:

  • An owner may hold up to four licenses total.

Establish limits on vertical integration. Proposal:

  • An owner may hold licenses in any two categories, including distribution.
  • An owner may hold licenses in more than two categories, and in numbers greater than four with the following limitations:
    • A Type 10A may hold up to 4 acres of cultivation, 3 retail licenses, manufacturing and distribution.
    • An agricultural cooperative may hold any number or combination of the following: nursery, processing, manufacturing distribution, and up to 3 retail licenses.

Ensure a level playing field for distribution. Proposal:

  • Self distribution (no license required) for Type 1 and 2 cultivators that only hold a single license and only distribute their own products.
  • All businesses that hold two or more licenses, one of which is a distribution license, or businesses that self distribute, must submit to inspection by a third party inspector before products are distributed.

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Please show your support by signing the letter HERE